NWS PODCAST #032 – Quatri

Quatri – NWS PODCAST #032 Artist: Quatri (FR) Hometown: Bucharest, Romania /Athens, Greece Labels: Nie Wieder Schlafen, One Two Five   Hello Insomniacs, welcome back into […]

NWS PODCAST #031 – Andrew Case, VieL

Andrew Case, VieL – NWS PODCAST #031 Artist: Andrew Case, VieL Hometown: Bucharest, Romania /Athens, Greece Labels: Nie Wieder Schlafen, One Two Five   Farewell to you, […]

NWS PODCAST #030 – Sower

Sower – NWS PODCAST #030 Artist: Sower Hometown: Bristol, UK Labels: Nie Wieder Schlafen, One Two Five   Sower delivered our lucky number 13 release, […]

NWS PODCAST #029 – Fulltone

Fulltone – NWS PODCAST #029 Artist: Fulltone Hometown: Cairo, Egypt Labels: Nacelle, Akbal   With a clear sense for emotive and dreamy productions, this incredible […]

NWS PODCAST #028 – Yarni

Yarni – NWS PODCAST #028 Artist: Yarni Hometown: Sheffield, UK Labels: Nie Wieder Schlafen, Nightnoise   Yarni, a crucial member of the Nie Wieder Schlafen-family […]

NWS PODCAST #027 – Bremer & Nordfold

Bremer & Nordfold – NWS PODCAST #027 Artist: Bremer & Nordfold Hometown: Nijmegen, Netherlands & Amsterdam / Netherlands Labels: Nie Wieder Schlafen   With an […]

NWS PODCAST #026 – Bay Of Fires

Bay of Fires – NWS PODCAST #026 Artist: Bay of Fires Hometown: Biarritz, France Labels: Oleeva Records, Nie Wieder Schlafen   Bay Of Fires (formerly […]

NWS PODCAST #025 – Synästhesie

Synästhesie – NWS PODCAST #025   Artist: Synästhesie Hometown: Turin, Italy Labels: Inlab Recordings, Inner Symphony   For our last podcast of the year and […]

NWS PODCAST #024 – Quatri

Artist : Quatri Hometown : Paris, France Labels :  Nie Wieder Schlafen Next Release : EP on Nie Wieder Schlafen The 24th edition of our Podcast, comes […]

NWS PODCAST #023 – Konchord

Artist : Konchord Hometown : Berlin, Germany Labels :  Nie Wieder Schlafen Next Release : Single on Nie Wieder Schlafen   After a brilliant little ride […]

NWS PODCAST #022 – Sam Goku

 . Artist : Sam Goku Hometown : Munich, Germany Labels : Oleeva Records, Nie Wieder Schlafen Next Release : EP on Oleeva Records  . Sam […]

NWS PODCAST #021 – Kincaid and Sinàl

Maybe, truly, the biggest talents, who have risen from the underground scene in the UK this year, are the nice guys from Kincaid and Sinàl. […]

NWS PODCAST #020 – Idaam

After the brilliant Free Download he provided with us, follows Idaam’s PODCAST, as promised. He takes the 20th spot and is actually the first guest […]

NWS PODCAST #019 – Himbrecht

Prior to our second release with Himbrecht himself, he cooked a juicy 1-hour Podcast, that truly feels like a rush. It’s a ride with no breaks […]


This podcast was set to happen for quiet a while now and with a few push-backs, it’s finally here : Afterhour-master ARKADIUSZ steps in the […]

NWS PODCAST #017 – Dimitris P

Dimitris P is one of our exciting artists we can not wait to tell you more about. He is able to produce a kind of […]

NWS PODCAST #016 – Pascal Lemieux

After our really successfull Podcast with the talented duo @kotu, we welcome our good friend Pascal from Switzerland to the show! He shares our love […]

NWS PODCAST #015 – Kotu

I would love to say so much about the importancy of this podcast & how grateful I am this is happening, but Kotu had already […]


Here we are, back for our Podcast Number 014! This time with a team of 3! The happy trio T.M.A was finally happy enough to […]


The 13th session with our NWS Podcast is a really special one for me, ’cause we have the honor to have Munich-Wonder-Duo Innellea here with […]


Here we are back for more – PHCK, the talented german duo deep from the Black Forest is here to pleasure our ears with even […]


After an astonishing 10th Podcast, the speciality of our show stays with the 11th one. Because this time we got a very cool guest on […]

NWS SPECIAL PODCAST #010 [Part 2] – THe WHite SHadow

After a little delay, it’s time to jump into Part 2 of our Special Podcast #010 and welcome techno mastermind THe WHite SHadow to this […]

NWS SPECIAL PODCAST #010 [Part 1] – R.Fentz

10,000 Subscribers 1000 Likes 100s of Followers 10th PODCAST. It’s time for a SPECIAL Double-feature PODCAST with some truly great artists we invited to this […]

NWS PODCAST #009 – Steppi K. & ama:rú

Wow. More & more of you join our community of love & passion. Now we finally hit 1000 Likes on Facebook. This is pretty incredible, […]

NWS PODCAST #008 – Id Ensemble

Number 8 of our homemade PODCAST is comin’ in super hot with an extremely talented & self-taught musician with the name of Id Ensemble. The […]

NWS PODCAST #007 – Angaro

We’re already back at it again! We pick up the pace with our own NWS PODCASTs! It’s time again for a home-baked crew-member : Angaro […]

NWS PODCAST #006 – Audio Junkies

The NWS – PODCAST is back & we brought 2 personal favorites of ours into the game! AUDIO JUNKIES are currently one of the top […]

NWS PODCAST #005 – Felix Wittich

After we had the honor to premiere his great remix of Parcels “Downnomore”, he’s back with a 70-minutes Mix for the 5th round of our […]

NWS PODCAST #004 – Luc Angenehm

Our Podcast is back! – And with it, a special guest: Luc Angenehm. A young talent from Düsseldorf, we’ve been following for quite some time […]

NWS PODCAST #003 – Angaro

TRACKLIST : 1. Danny Daze – Drowning (feat. Deroboter) 2. Mark August – 3 of a Kind (Original Mix) 3. Bicep – Satisfy (John Talabot […]

NWS PODCAST #002 – Angaro & Steppi K.

The NieWiederSchlafen-Podcast is ready for a second round and we hope you are, too! Steppi K. is back for a second time and with him, […]

NWS PODCAST #001 – ama:rù & Steppi K.

It is done. The Nie Wieder Schlafen – Podcast starts in its first round. ama:rù & Steppi K. are kicking things off with 95 minutes […]

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