NWS PODCAST #023 – Konchord

Konchord - Nie Wieder Schlafen
Artist : Konchord
Hometown : Berlin, Germany
Labels :  Nie Wieder Schlafen
Next Release : Single on Nie Wieder Schlafen


After a brilliant little ride of the mega talent Sam Goku, we have invited in a very very good friend of ours, who just had the pleasure of sucking in a lot of inspiration in the world of music. Konstantin Lackner, also known as Konchord, is a producer based in Berlin, with a focus of Electronica and deeper sound creations. His track “Wind” was his latest tune back in 2016, but new inspiration and adventures in life, brought him back into the studio, bringing with him a good chunk of new ideas. It felt like the perfect moment to invite him in, to select a few of his favorite gems in the moment and ask him a few questions about the current status of his artist life! Enjoy!


Q. – Hey there Konchord, great to finally have you on the series! As one of the local forthcoming artists from Nie Wieder Schlafen, tell us who you are! How long have you been producing and what are your influences?


Konchord : “Hey there! Thanks for having me! First of all I want to say that I’m truly amazed by the recent development of Nie Wieder Schlafen and the music that has been released so far. It’s great to see this thing growing from the early days!

I’ve been producing electronic music for roughly five years now, but I have been making music for quiet a while now. Since I can remember I was playing the piano, and I picked up the bass by the age of 13. I played in a band and through composing and recording our songs, I fell in love with audio engineering, music production and everything related to sound.

In terms of influences, I guess it has always been the people whom I was going out with to parties, where we discovered electronic music together. I was just hooked by this kind of music and was lucky enough to have some friends, who were sharing their music with me.”


 Q. – How do you usually start your productions. Any habits that keep repeating in your way of working on music?


Konchord : “It usually starts with experimentation and any kind of synthesizer. I would just play around until I find something that catches my attention and then record it and take it from there. For me, finding access to a track is through melodic elements as well as soundscapes. The beat and groove elements usually come second. And that’s also where I feel like there’s still a good amount of room for personal improvement.

One habit that tends to repeat itself is that I am sometimes too perfectionist, where I find myself tweaking tiny bits of a sound for a good amount of time and eventually not make any progress. I guess a more pragmatic approach would be better in terms of finishing a track or getting an idea down.”

Q. – Tell us what is forthcoming from you as an artist, what inspires you at the moment?


Konchord : “There are some ideas floating around my head for collaborating with different artists. Also, I want to explore the visual realm more. A friend did a visual experiment for my track “Wind”, which is very inspiring to me. Another friend is writing poetry and I’m excited to incorporate that into my productions. Ah, and there’s one track in the pipeline, that might be released soon.”


Q. – Any words about your NWS-Showcase experience, which was happening last weekend? Can you tell us a little bit about it?


Konchord : ” Well, that was just a great night and I had a lot of fun playing! It was hot, it was sweaty, it was loud. At some point I was gone for a few moments, and when I came back to the main room, I knew that there’s a very special vibe going on right now. It was also great to hang out with the NWS crew and to get to know some new faces: The guys from ApM, Quatri, Felix, Ivorie, Nasser & Idean.”


Q. – You have had the chance to visit the infamous Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert. How did this experience affect you and did you have the chance to experience the Never Sleep Again Camp we have built up there?


Konchord : “Yes, I stayed with the Never Sleep Again camp and I felt at home with this crew from the beginning. The hard work that is put into this camp, especially by the main organizers over in San Francisco, is astounding. I am sincerely grateful for this experience and for everybody who was involved in this.

The experience at Burning Man was just unreal. It’s so hard to put it into words. It feels like there are so many things that are happening miraculously out there, that miracles become a standard. Everybody opens up and is there for you, if needed. I also think that living in this harsh environment for more than a week pushes you in a certain way, that you lose all the masks you put on in your daily life and you are forced to show your true self, your soul. It’s very real, yet surreal at the same time.”

Q. – Tradition comes up last, what are your current top 5 favorites you love to play/listen to, right now?


Konchord : “You know how hard it is, to make this selection, but let’s try it with these ones” :

  1. Sam Goku – Bloom
  2. Ivorie & Ambi – Castalia
  3. LADS – Miss Jean
  4. Kincaid & Sinal – Orpheus and the Lyre
  5. Four Tet – Two Thousand and Seventeen

Thank you so much Konchord, for being with us! People please enjoy his beautiful Podcast now! 

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