Aiden’s “Gebruikerssporen” LP on Manual’s sister label Cinematique

Nie Wieder Schlafen

  • Artist : Aiden
  • Hometown : Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Label : Cinematique
  • Next Release : Gebruikerssporen LP on Cinematique

Aiden produces his music in a way, that truly shows his interest for general sounds and the attempt to put them together in one way or another. His forthcoming LP “Gebruikerssporen” seems to be his little guinea pig he sets free for the world to listen to!

The album doesn’t really follow a strict topic, nor does the order of the tracklist have a deeper meaning to the LP itself, though I think it really doesn’t try to be this sort of storytelling product. Think of it more as a chemical lab or simply just a session spent together with Aiden himself. Trying out things is an important part of music production and while not every idea might be a crowd’s favorite, it does have some interesting aspects, that might inspire other people to pick up the idea. Listening in to see what went through Aiden’s head and how sounds can be manipulated was interesting, even if not every track hit us right in the feels. What sticks in our head, is the courage from Aiden and Cinematique that comes with releasing such an open book of electronic productions, the good, bad and the ugly. If you ever cared about the experimental music in between the thought-through release of an artist, this might be worth checking out. Prepare for the weirdness!

We actually said down with Aiden, for a quick little interview and some background information of how this project came together!

Q. – Aidan, it’s great to have another Premiere from you, this time from a very, I’d say, experimental LP! From straight forward dance tracks to weird synth sounds and trippy arrangements. What went through your head here?

Aiden : “Great to premiere „Parterre“ at NWS, i can’t really say all these tracks were planned to be trippy or weird, that’s just how they come out of me. It might be my interest in all sorts of music…from deep electronic to straight up italo disco, music which influences me to make such a diverse sounding album.”

Q. –  It’s always interesting for us to go a little bit behind the curtain, when did the decision for this LP came across your mind and what was the initial idea? How long did it take you to finish the LP and what inspired you to work on it?

Aiden : ” The LP is actually a collection of tracks I made in a period of around 5 years. These were tracks I couldn’t really find a label for or the timing to release them just wasn’t right or I just feld I had to do something special with them. As this collection grew I started to think about making a album out if it and made a couple of new tracks to complete the album. It was last years Amsterdam dance event I shared an apartment with Robin (Cinematique) and Paul (Manual). I showed them the first ruff version of the LP and we immediately decided to make a project out of this and just a year later here it is!”

Q. – What is or was the most important aspect for you, when working on each and individual production?

Aiden : “The most important aspects for me in producing are that it has to be fun and sounds organic. And i always try to avoid using some kind of formula to make each track. Ofcourse ive got a variety of techniques i apply but i try to aproach each project as diffrent as possible.”

Q. – Let’s take a look at „Parterre“! Lots of retro elements made it into this production, from some lovely 80s synth to some classic lead progressions. How did you start this specific project and how did you bring the mix together in the end?

Aiden : “With Parterre I started off recording me playing just one note on the recorder (flute) and put this in a plugin VST that’s basically a synthesizer but you can load a sound in it and than apply all kinds of effects like prism or add harmonics. This sound ended up not sounding as a flute at all, but still I made a nice arpy loop, which you can hear in the start. From there I just build the track around it, by adding every element as the track went on. I remember recording the punchy bassline underneath the main bassline with a microphone on the same channel and as my girlfriend was waching her TV-series you can hear some background noises from it. This gives the track a bit of fluffyness, which I liked. The rest of the leads were simply improvised over it, till it sounded right.

Q. – As our community might already know, we always ask for the artists current Top 5 favorite track, what are yours Aiden?

Aiden : “My current favorite Tracks are (always a hard question!)” :

  1. Nadia Struiwigh – Trip In Fiction [Central Processing Unit]
  2. Phillipi En Rodrigo – Karma [DeeWee]
  3. Caltrop – Lenny [WT Records]
  4. Argoman – Chimicalissimo [Permanent Vacation]
  5. Jay Shepheard & Kito Jempere – Deben Tide [Retrofit]

Have a little peak into the LP and listen to the full PREMIERE of Aiden’s “Parterre” :

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