Nie Wieder Schlafen started as a dj collective which evolved  into a music label with a strong passion for carefully selecting, sharing and producing intelligent, melodic and emotional music within the electronic genres. Around the collective’s core values and music selection, a community is growing to support the idea of peaceful spaces and events full of love, magic and tolerance while excluding arrogance, hate and greed. We believe that music lovers and listeners play an equally important role as the creators. We strive away from the idolization of Dj’s and believe that the dj booth should co-exist with the crowd on the same level while  promoting a real connection between individuals. We strive to move away from boundaries the industry has created and seek to fill the hearts of people with warming basslines and soothing sounds. Spreading our wings from Berlin and Munich our community is growing within Burning Man, San Francisco, L.A. and Medellín. Whether live or online, melodies & rhythms connect us, make us dance, they motivate us to hug each other, to love and to stay awake – making us… Never Sleep Again!

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