NWS PODCAST #021 – Kincaid and Sinàl

Nie Wieder Schlafen - Kincaid & Sinàl

Maybe, truly, the biggest talents, who have risen from the underground scene in the UK this year, are the nice guys from Kincaid and Sinàl.

Many have already praised their unpredictable way of producing their music. Mostly separated in many sections, their music tricks people and transforms itself into beautiful art, when it might have started fairly brutal and unforgiving. Stefano Ritteri has truly made a nice example of this in his recent radioshow with the guys :


“Sometimes you just [quickly] check out the [new] songs …but with your [Kincaid and Sinàl’s] songs you wanna have to be careful…because if you only hear the beginning you’re not exactly sure what’s gonna happen later… – you might get the vibes slightly wrong.”


We had the the luck, to have the boys do an astonishing remix for our recently released third EP on our label Nie Wieder Schlafen.

So when looking at their music, I also expected some unpredictable skills behind the decks, so we invited the guys in for a slot in our Podcast series. They have truly outdone themselves here. With a silly amount of unreleased material, their mix goes through the roof. But the less is said about it, the better. Just sit down and enjoy this trip.


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