NWS PODCAST #022 – Sam Goku

Nie Wieder Schlafen - Sam Goku
Artist : Sam Goku
Hometown : Munich, Germany
Labels : Oleeva Records, Nie Wieder Schlafen
Next Release : EP on Oleeva Records
Sam Goku is a young talent from south germany, with a passion for organic music with carefully arranged melodies and a love for specific details. We’ve been following him for quite a while now, but it was the collaboration with Oleeva Records, which connected us on a personal level. After spending quality time with the man himself and releasing his collaborating remix with Quatri on our home imprint (which is our most succesful track release to date) it truly was time to invite our friends in for a snappy little podcast in our series. Not only did he deliever us an 1+ hour set, but we had the chance to ask him a few question about his current situation and his strong connection to the Oleeva-family.
Q. – Dear Robin, it’s great to finally invite you for this little beauty of a Podcast you have for us! Can you tell us a little bit about the music, we will discover here?
Sam Goku :“Sure! when i am doing a podcast, it is always a small selection of tracks i personally enjoy very much at the moment. I try to not overthink the selection too much and rather go with the flow. If there are any new productions of mine, i try to include them, which is the case in this podcast.”
Q. – Your music productions keep evolving and this year, all the support you have gained truly shows it! Jonas Rathsman in particular has been pushing your music! This also gained you a nice booking in england, can you tell us a little bit about that?
Sam Goku :“Thank you very much! Although I am producing music for my audience, it is also quite important to me that i can match my own taste with it, which sometimes is changing quite fast. Jonas’ support for me this year was just incredible. He played a lot of my upcoming releases in his ELEMENTS series which is a great honor to me. He also suggested me as an upcoming artist at Secret Garden Party in England. It was my first gig abroad and it was a very special experience. Everyone was very warm hearted and welcoming. “
Q. –  The connection to your Oleeva Records label & family seems to be very strong! You’re finally releasing your first EP with them in the coming months. How does it feel to finally release your first own Oleeva release and what went through your head when producing it?
Sam Goku : “Oleeva Records is indeed very special to me. In May last year, Will from Oleeva Records sent me an extensive mail in which he told me that he want me to join the family and that he was inspired by my music. After reading it for the first time, I already felt a connection. I was looking for a label that really cared for their artists and the fact that Will and I have a very similar taste in visuals and sounds just catalysed our ongoing collaboration. We have become good friends and I am very happy about the decision I made.
Releasing my first EP on Oleeva feels like exactly the right thing to do. We are very happy with all the decisions we’ve made on it. The artwork, the track titles and the productions themselves all mean a lot to us. I didn’t think anything special while producing it. All i can say is that it felt very good!”
Q. –  Which artists influence you the most and are there specific parts in music-production, you always put a lot of time and effort in?
Sam Goku : “There are clearly to many to name them all! Every artist that inspires me has someting that I like about them! Production skill, philosophy or track selection, there is always a lot to learn.
I think I put a lot of time into the melodic elements of a track. For me, breakdowns can be very effective and important. But I learned, that it is not good to spend too much time on it. It just has to feel right – it’s quite difficult to describe. I think everyone has to find their own balance.”
Q. –  As always we wanna hear our guest’s Top 5 Track picks at the moment..Go!
Sam Goku : “Here are 5 tracks that i really enjoy listening to at the moment!”
1. The Cyclist – Pressing Matters (Robag’s Pinvoldex Sull NB)
2. Baikal – Pelican’s Flight [Maeve]
3. Astrea – La Fine Del Giorno [Oleeva Records]
4. George Fitzgerald – Full Circle (Bonobo Remix) [CR2 Records]
5. Grandbrothers – Ezra Was Right [Brownswood Recordings]
Thanks so much for this little Interview Robin! But now it’s really time to have a little peek into this stellar mix :

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