NWS PODCAST #025 – Synästhesie

Synästhesie NWS Podcast 025
Synästhesie – NWS PODCAST #025
Artist: Synästhesie
Hometown: Turin, Italy
Labels: Inlab Recordings, Inner Symphony
For our last podcast of the year and the 25th anniversary, we brought in the guys of Synästhesie, who have been very present on Soul Buttons (@soul-button) label Inner Symphony (@inner-symphony)and surprised us as forthcoming artists from Italy. Tracks like “Lotus” and their remix for Rauschhaus’ “The Miracle Of Million Lights” convince with patient atmospheric build-ups and continuos tension, that rises throughout the tracks. They try to keep the balance of darker and brighter elements and creating a nice harmony of both sides. Same can be said about this guest mix for our series, where they kick things of with a classic from Kollektiv Turmstraße, go visit darker places and finish it off with yet another uplifting classic, a remix from Âme.
Enjoy this one friends and we see you in the next year, with more exciting guests & friends from NWS! Much love, a happy Christmas and the best jump into new years from the crew,    
Angaro, Ama:rú, Chinomatic & Steppi aka. Trustless.

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