NWS PODCAST #017 – Dimitris P

Dimitris P is one of our exciting artists we can not wait to tell you more about. He is able to produce a kind of atmosphere I have never experienced before…the way he combines pads and certain effects on sounds that add to the vibe is really breathtaking and many people were blown away by the production I showed ’em. His sound comes so close to the focus we were after, that I’m not quite sure, what came first…him or the vision for our label. Anyhow, we were so excited, that we asked him to do a little podcast for us, so we can introduce him a little early and tell you, that we have some nice projects cooking up! Here’s 70+ minutes of atmospheric & melodic picks by Mr. P! Hope you will enjoy.

Tracklist: Not available

Dimitris P. : @dimitris_p

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