NWS PODCAST #004 – Luc Angenehm

Our Podcast is back! – And with it, a special guest: Luc Angenehm.

A young talent from Düsseldorf, we’ve been following for quite some time now! It was just a matter of time for us, when we’d ask him for an appearance on our Podcast! And now, here we are! Luc’s tracks always have a slower vibe to them, while holding a nice tempo and tension. They create awesome vibes, that are hard to find anywhere else. Like them vibes, he implements these detailed samples, that aren’t your generic standard clap & snare – samples, but very smart placed fresh percussions, which totally set themselves apart from other tracks! With those sounds, he’s even able to make the first “only beat”-minute enjoyable, which can’t be said about every track in this genre.

We can only give you the following good advice :
Follow & Support this friend of ours! But most importantly, ENJOY this 1-hour-mix of his for now!

Luc Angenehm Soundcloud: @lucangenehm


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