NWS PODCAST #008 – Id Ensemble

Number 8 of our homemade PODCAST is comin’ in super hot with an extremely talented & self-taught musician with the name of Id Ensemble. The latest project of Filip Kaczmarek is very techno-influenced including atmospheric layers & stylish percussion-arrangements that will be instantly recognized as Filip’s style, when you heard his stuff before. Born in late 2015, Id Ensemble’s productions got instantly signed and his future can only be described as very, very bright. His sound shaped into berlin-influenced melodic-techno and that is with no coincidence – The polish artist comes right out of Zielona Gora (Grünefeld) – One of the closest polish cities next to germanys capital city. We are super honoured to have this man in our next Podcast and we are super excited to watch his still unknown name rise in the next years & while we’re at it, we might aswell spread his name as one of the first! We’re really excited for your future work & thank you for this exclusive Mix!

Tracklist: Not Available

Id Ensemble Soundcloud : @idensemble

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