NWS PODCAST #031 – Andrew Case, VieL

Andrew Case, Viel - NWS Podcast 031

Andrew Case, VieL – NWS PODCAST #031

Artist: Andrew Case, VieL
Hometown: Bucharest, Romania /Athens, Greece
Labels: Nie Wieder Schlafen, One Two Five
Farewell to you, summer – why did you leave so quick again…
It’s hard to stay in the present, when the present fades away so quickly. What is a week, when you have grown older…it seems like a blink of an eye. But don’t worry, it’s all a matter of perspective. For every end, comes a new beginning. The moodyness and peace of autumn is something special… especially for the music we love to showcase.
Mystery, silence and the unknown is something we strive for. When the sun slowly fades away and leaves this side of the earth – the darkness leaves room for the unknown, everyone hides with their blankets, a warm tea and their loved ones. The best time to focus on one thing, as there isn’t much to get you attracted – this is where deep & thoughful music can truly shine and attract its audience. 
 For this year’s transition, we have two newcomers, Andrew Case & VieL, who are about to release our forthcoming “Piuma” EP, appreciate the sound for the dreamers & thinkers. Today subtle, smooth and atmospheric music will guide you for a 110 minute trip, to your inner mind. Please enjoy and get lost.



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