NWS: Year One (Vinyl Only)

NWS Vinyl Year One
Artists: Modulo, Himbrecht, Kotu, Quatri, LADS, Kincaid & Sinàl, Sam Goku, Pavel Svetlove, Alexandra Pride, Bremer & Nordfold, MockBeat
Title: Year One
Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 5th Oktober 2018
a1. Modulo – Mountain People (Vinyl Re-vision)
a2. Himbrecht – Anything Else (Sam Goku & Quatri’s ‘God Of Nature’ Remix)
b1. Kotu – Skoura (Kincaid & Sinàl Vinyl Re-vision)
b2. Quatri – Into The Oblivion (Vinyl Re-vision)c1. LADS – Celesta
c2. Pavel Svetlove, Alexandra Pride – Waterfall (Yarni Vinyl Re-vision)
d1. Bremer & Nordfold – Yano
d2. MockBeat – Cherry Blossom (Vinyl Exclusive)

A limited 2×12″ Vinyl LP of Nie Wieder Schlafen’s best tracks of the first year, including new Vinyl reworks of 4 tracks and an exclusive new track from MockBeat.This is a personal project, we worked so hard to get right. We hope you will appreciate it as much as we do.

Cover-Art designed by Giulia Gallizzi
Mastered by Robert Trifunović


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