This podcast was set to happen for quiet a while now and with a few push-backs, it’s finally here : Afterhour-master ARKADIUSZ steps in the realms of our Podcast series and we couldn’t be prouder, to have him as one of the first with a slow & groovy tempo. His set is a mixture of quite various sounds & atmospheres. Listened to this mix, when driving through Berlin and it was quite spectacular, but of course it’s perfect for the late night hours at home as well as any situation asking for a little tempodrop. Beautiful transitions and deep kicks lead the way in this atmospheric & dreamy mix of sounds. We have been big fans of this gentleman for a while now and apparently he has been a fan of ours, too! So we’re super happy, that this finally happened : 90 minutes of Mr. ARKA…Please enjoy!

Tracklist: Not available

ARKADIUSZ: @arkadiusz-dmytrow

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