NWS PODCAST #029 – Fulltone

Fulltone - NWS Podcast 029

Fulltone – NWS PODCAST #029

Artist: Fulltone
Hometown: Cairo, Egypt
Labels: Nacelle, Akbal
With a clear sense for emotive and dreamy productions, this incredible talent has build a vast discography in a very short period of time. With his astonishing effort, he has delighted the dream-scene over night and continues to do that, with some blissful creations.
We have the honor to present you Fulltone. One of our new members of the family, who created a groovy and inspired “Interpretation” of PHCK’s “Cecilia”, a remix included in our latest release “Natu” EP, which is finally available today! To celebrate this first collaboration with our egyptian friend, we asked him to show us his favourite music at the moment, in the form of a short & sweet mix for our series. Here is Fulltone with 56 minutes of groove.



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