NWS PODCAST #020 – Idaam

After the brilliant Free Download he provided with us, follows Idaam’s PODCAST, as promised. He takes the 20th spot and is actually the first guest artist who takes the wheel for a second spin. This time though he selects the tracks solo and what came out, is a phenomenal 1 hour set with the charming summer vibe feel, you come to love from T.M.A and now, Idaam. The podcast itself was recorded in the mighty LUKINS-studio, in the beautiful countryside of Berlin. @lukinsradio is a special PODCAST-series Idaam created with his former crew from T.M.A, which tries to move from you average podcast, you listen to everyday.

The way the boys build the appeareance of this brand is quite charming and you can hear more about their project in our upcoming Interview with Idaam right here : (Coming very soon!)


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