Nie Wieder Schlafen’s ‘SPOTLIGHT’ feat. Idaam & LUKINS

Nie Wieder Schlafen - Idaam


This week, we received a very very nice Free Track and also a phenomenal Podcast from our good buddy and producer Max aka. Idaam. Since we received such ambitious work from this man and we heard so many great things about LUKINS, a new brand he developed with his friends, we thought it really deserved a nice little interview with this man…


Q : Hey Max, nice to have you here once again, this time for a little solo ride, huh?


“Hey guys, thanks for having me! Yea right, it was time for a personal journey of mine and i’m happy to do my first steps as ‘Idaam’ together with

Q : Well, we are really happy about that! Is there a specific reason for you to go on this trip of your own?


Mainly it was just a decision to gain more experience and opportunities as a musician and explore sounds for myself.

It’s quiet important for me, that the musical and personal relationship to my lovely buddies is still as close as possible though.

Q : While splitting up produce-wise, you three have created “LUKINS”, can you tell us a little bit about this project and how you want it to standout?

Yea, LUKINS was also founded at the beginning of this year, but LUKINS is much more than the three of us. It was a long focused goal
together with Janvanvau, Apart, Kingsize and many more really good friends, who are all aiming for the same goals.

Q : For now LUKINS seems to be a Podcast series, but the way you guys present this brand, it seems to be a lot more than just a Podcast. Can we hope for a Radioshow or even more directions?


Absolutely, you can expect much more. LUKINS in general should be a creation of music, events, workshops and a playground for artists to
produce something new without any borders or stylistic containments. We are really happy about all these podcast & massibe vibes our friends have created so far.
In the next months there will be some amazing guests on the Podcast and we will be hosting some events in our hometown Berlin. We also have some secret surprises, which are in the making aswell. So stay tuned for more details!

Q : Sounds amazing! What else are you working on right now, any details you can give us production-wise?

At the moment i am working on some new tracks. At the beginning I don’t really have any visions or goals, it’s just jamming around to a point, when I suddenly get into details.
It’s also always a big point to get some feedback from the LUKINS crew or create some vibes together.

Q : Sounds like a great team! So what are your main goals in this music business?

“Send some quality time with music and friends.”

Q : Great Answer, Max. 🙂 Let’s take a look at your track “Mount Raider” we published some days ago, what was the production cycle on it and what inspired you to do this really nice summer vibe?

“Sometimes I really like to connect the whole dance-disco-house stuff with some nice, deep beats – It really is so much fun. Maybe that was the inspiration.”

Q : To wrap this up, can you name a few tracks (released in 2017), that you absolutely love right now?

1. BB – Kornal Kovacs
2. Tosch ft. Piper Davis – Andhim (Roman Flügel RMX)
3. Arbol – Cioz
4. Are you mad? Cause i’m not mad… – Baba Stiltz
5. Jungelknugen – Todd Terje (Four Tet RMX)
6. Somebody lonely and me – 2Raumwohnung (DJ KOZE RMX)


These are sounding great! Well Max, thanks so much for this quick interview, I hope we will always be right there with you! We wish you the best for your future with LUKINS and all the other ideas, you guys are working on! Much love.

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