NWS PODCAST #015 – Kotu

I would love to say so much about the importancy of this podcast & how grateful I am this is happening, but Kotu had already prepared a text, that really said it all – let’s see what the boys had to say :

This mix is very special to us for a number of reasons. It was made for the channel Nie Wieder Schlafen, a truly brilliant collective based in Germany organising parties, uploading brilliant music, photography and podcasts. Since we were first introduced to Steppi and the NWS team early 2016 we have seen nothing but continued love and support from them, uploads of our music and multiple collaborations between them and our home label Oleeva Records. Basically, its an honour to do a body of work for someone so important to us.

Secondly, recording the mix so close to the end of the year gives it quite a reflective feeling. Its definitely been an exciting, hectic, unpredictable one. We have had some pretty big changes in our lives but now we are settled and feel really conformable in our new studio. It feels really good to be sitting back and taking stock of everything. We’re over the moon with how well everything is going and feel blessed to be working alongisde ridiculous talents.

We’re not saying everything has gone perfectly with no hiccups. But we do feel really happy with where we’re at and the direction we are heading in. If anyone is still reading this then fair enough, well done, we hope you listen to the mix with the same patience. Its worth it. We had an amazing time recording it and we’re beyond happy with how its turned out. The first hour is full of groove and natural percussion, really suiting the daytime. As the mix goes on it gets considerably darker, deeper and more suited to the night. We hope you connect with it and enjoy it. Please let us know what you think, we love the feedback. Peace and love!” – Kotu



[00′] Tâches – Dear Ishiv (Part 1) (Intro)
[01′] Sasha – Vapour Trails (Kiasmos Remix) [Late Night Tales]
[07′] Louf – Hiccup [Valby Rotary]
[13′] Villette – Fall (Christian Loffler Remix) [Injazero Records]
[19′] Chris Ojeda – Miskeenah [Magician On Duty]
[25′] Unitled – Untitled
[30′] Good Intention – Red Rain [Oleeva Records]
[34′] Untitled – Untitled
[39′] Sau Poler – Esperits [Atomnation]
[45′] St Germain – Real Blues (Malachi Edit)
[50′] Mano Le Tough – Take It Back [Buzzin’ Fly Records]
[56′] Dust Yard – Prana [Lowless]
[1 03′] Luca Bachetti – Tango [Crosstown Rebels]
[1 09′] Untitled – Untitled
[1 14′] Sable Sheep – Upon Burning Skies [Moon Harbour]
[1 20′] &ME – Everless [Keinemusik]
[1 25′] Breach – Anna Love [Aus Music]
[1 32′] Kotu & Rudy – Mångata [Constant Cirlces]
[1 41′] Rudy – Qualia (Sam Goku Remix) [Oleeva Records]
[1 48′] Dead-Tones – Juno Feathers [Oleeva Records]
[1 54′] Solomon Grey – Twilight (John Monkman Remix) [Anjunadeep]
[2 00′] Astrea Feat Filippo Nardini – Little Trust (EdOne Remix) [Perpetualis Music]
[2 05′] Third Son – Black Matter [Einmusika Recordings]
[2 10′] Untitled – Untitled
[2 18′] Nils Frahm – Says (The THC Rework) [Three Hands Records]
[2 26′] Felix Wittich – 0.23 (Kotu Remix) [Dilate Records]

Kotu: @K-o-t-u

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