NWS PODCAST #032 – Quatri

Quatri - NWS Podcast 032

Quatri – NWS PODCAST #032

Artist: Quatri (FR)
Hometown: Bucharest, Romania /Athens, Greece
Labels: Nie Wieder Schlafen, One Two Five
Hello Insomniacs, welcome back into the realms of a new adventure. We hope everyone of you had a glorious end to the year and are now ready for 2019. May you be granted health, happyness, motivation and love from the ones around you.
This new year, will kickstart a more focused year for us here at Nie Wieder Schlafen. It’s about narrowing down the sound of NWS and truly shape the music, we wanna be known for. While we turn a few things around, today we wanna start where we left off:
Last week, we have finally published the next chapter of sound for our homegrown Quatri. If you are intrigued by this very sound, you should be very much looking forward of what our talent has forthcoming. This very mix further describes the way, Quatri wants to tell his stories. Diverse, mysterious and groovy music, that never fully unveils it’s secrets.
We feel like, this mix is a perfect start into this year, which is shaping up to be a wonderful one! Big love from the NWS-family.



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