NWS PODCAST #006 – Audio Junkies

The NWS – PODCAST is back & we brought 2 personal favorites of ours into the game!

AUDIO JUNKIES are currently one of the top producers out there, with incredible releases left & right on SINCOPAT, SUARA, SUDBEAT MUSIC & many more. Their latest EP is called “Vitamins” [Sincopat] & the main track, which they played here first, is another favourite of ours. Let’s not forget one of the best tracks of last year “Lalitha”, which Ama:rù & Steppi would still play in pretty much every set. The 2 guys from Israel seem to be super nice & we really can’t stress enough, how much you should take a look at them this year, because right now, it seems like the only way for them is going through the roof. We have a High-class set of them right here & are really happy to show it to you! Support them, people – they do earn your respect!

Tracklist: Coming soon

AUDIO JUNKIES Soundcloud : @audio-junkies

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