Vince Watson’s “Quantum/Melodika” EP on Soulfooled.

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Artist : Vince Watson

Title: Quantum/Melodika EP

Label: Soulfooled

Cat. No. SFLD022

Format: Digital Download

Release Date: 28th July 2017


As the “Underground” scene gets more and more pushed into the Spotlight, music starts to narrow down to certain sounds and blend together to the point, where creative ideas get left behind and crowd-pleasing melodies are finetuned to the absolute last detail. When we had the chance to have an early peak into Vince Watson’s new EP on Soulfooled, a familiar yet very fresh atmosphere was floating through our speakers. Retro pads and classic melody arrangemets brought back a very nice feeling of the more relaxed days of House music. A lot of modern dance music feels very serious, while the groove might even be funky, productions are put together with such precision, that it almost feels too perfect. Especially Vince’s track “Melodika” grew on us very quickly, because parts of it rather felt like a recorded jam session, than just a thoughout product – it felt alive and human, which brings a certain charm with it, many tracks these days seem to lack. As you might already know, we are also absolute atmosphere geeks, so pads and long-stretched, atmospheric synth elements have an easy game to win us over.

The oldschool vibe of Vince Watson, has its reason. He has spent the past 20 years delivering timeless music for many of the world’s best record labels. Name-checking the likes of Cocoon, Poker Flat, Ovum, Planet E, Mobilee and Yoruba, only scratches the surface. Now based in Amsterdam, Vince’s live shows are in demand around the world, and as a resident at Berlin’s legendary Tresor, he has cemented his reputation as a DJ with immense style and substance.

Only a handful of European producers approach techno in a way that matches the original ethos of the sound’s original Detroit pioneers, and Vince Watson is one of the best. ‘Melodika’ has an instantly infectious, hip-swinging rhythmic backbone gives rise to the ebb and flow of a heart-bursting cathedral of lush, spacious, melodic joy.

And, it’s no wonder that Derrick May recently asked Vince Watson to remix and remodel ‘Icon’ and ‘Kao-Tic Harmony’ (the latter an early collaboration between May and Carl Craig), two absolutely timeless Rhythim Is Rhythim classics on the legendary Transmat label. With a double album release penned for Radio Slave’s Rekids imprint, and numerous other exciting projects in the pipeline, Vince Watson’s Soulfooled debut continues his mission to raise the techno scene’s creative bar ever higher.

Alex Niggemann’s Soulfooled imprint keeps coming back and impresses with some out of the ordinary production, while still pleasing the hearts of the more mainstream crowd of the underground.


Vince Watson’s “Quantum/Melodika” EP will be released July 28th, on Alex Niggemann’s Soulfooled label.

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We had the honor to premiere Vince’s great “Melodika” and you can listen to the full length version on your Soundcloud-page :




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