NWS013: Sower, West & Hill, Kincaid, Ciano – Mumbles

NWS013 Sower - Mumbles
NWS013: Sower, West & Hill, Kincaid, Ciano – Mumbles
Artist: Sower, West & Hill, Kincaid, Ciano
Title: Mumbles
Cat. No.: NWS013
Format: Digital Download
Release Date: 13th August 2018

“With sweat and tears we can proudly present the debut release of Bristol’s newcomer Sower. A humble artist as well as creator of the ambitious ‘One Two Five’ community. For months we worked together closely to finish off a weird and very diverse EP, that will finally see the daylight. The last time we put as much work into one release, was the debut of our homegrown and now beloved newcomer Quatri.

“Desert Wax” is the sound of Sowers – a perfect introduction to what the artist stands for and what he loves to play out. Abstrus and weird deformated sounds linger behind every corner – moody pads and ambiences create a fantastical atmosphere, which is backed up by uniquely arranged percussion. Tribal-influenced blows and instruments convince the listener of a wild and hypnotic ride, that can only be experienced in a desert made of wax.

Holding together the EP and working as a perfect bridge between in-and outro is “Kalpana”. A production, probably closest to the standard formula, while simultaneously introducing truly unique arrangements. With seemingly restless percussion hits and various melodic introductions, Sower manages to create a firework of combined sounds. A clear and quiding drum pattern holds the track together and pushes it forward, while rumbling basslines, funky pads and tremolo leads bring a jarring dynamic to the table.

“Voola” is a touching piece of art, that delivers a convincing atmosphere of tribal festivities. Whopping drum hits and pulsating bassline rhythms are the beating heart of this production, while piano riffs and subtle atmospheric elements bring a sense of wonder, making the track feel alive and present. In this case, closing your eyes might truly teleport you to distant places.

With a hand for dancefloor productions, West and Hill delivers a more refined and structured version of “Wax Desert”, while also giving it a new spin. Haunting flute blows, unforgiving percussion hits and pulsating synth pans, simply won’t stop at anything. A remix that passes by with incredible flow and speed.

As if this EP doesn’t feel diverse already, Kincaid returns to NWS with his weirdest and most fun remix, yet. Building on fast vocal chop rhythms and a break beat formula, an uncountable amount of high frequency delays and low-end bassline hits, as well as funky, melodic implementations and electronic modulations result in a true rollercoaster ride, we still can’t quite define. What we can define however, is that this is absolutely stunning.

With similiar funky foundations, but a little more structural clarity and guidance, Ciano is able to shed a different light on “Volaa”. A downbeat with clear percussion hits and fantastic collaborations of various synths and pianos, build a special, jazzy flow. While vastly different from the original, the convincing atmosphere of a different place stays sound. As always have fun with this!”

Originals Written by Rufus Sowerbutts
Remixes by Luciano Pardi, Joe Arthur, Glenn Westenberg
Cover-Art designed by Giulia Gallizzi
Mastered by Robert Trifunović


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