Javier Orduña: Opios Power (NWS030)

Javier Orduña - Opios Power

Javier Orduña – NWS030 Opios Power

Artists: Javier Orduña
Title: Opios Power
Cat. No.: NWS030
Format: Digital Download
Release Date: 14 September 2020


Javier steps into the family of NWS with a personal release that shows love and gratitude for a special soul. The music itself captures both the joyful memories and the grief of loosing a loved one. Javier’s mentality sits within the real world, concentrating what’s in front of him, rather than putting too much time and effort into the digital world. This release stands for his never-ending motivation in life, to continue his path despite the massive obstacles he had to overcome. From building and finishing his very own home studio to the farewell of his artist moniker, this release stands for many emotions, that we are honoured to publicise. Before the talented veteran joins forces with Ricardo Gonzalez Yanel under their new moniker mehlic, we are extremely grateful to present to you Javier’s final release “Opios Power”.

While the main title track introduces a powerful and life-affirming groove, supported by a lively percussion feel and warm bassline modulations, the B-Side explores deeper and more melancholic emotions, while also paying direct respect to one of the closest humans, one can have. With respect and care, Quatri re-builds the main title track to a slow-burner, build with finesse and gentle arrangements, build on long, drifting spaces and a hand for textured FX work.


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