Indie Electronica triplet Hunter’s Law and the start of their “Common Ground Recordings”


The Clifton Suspension Bridge is probably the landmark of Bristol.

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Bristol is and has always been a city of artists. The sheer amount of talent that arose out of this area is quite fascinating. From industry colleagues and legends like Nick Warren and anjunadeep’s Joy Wisternoff to electronica bands like the legendary Massive Attack as well as countless bands and talented artists in other areas. The harbor-city with its long and peaceful landscapes offers the creative mind a lot of freedom and time to let one’s mind expand itself.

The collaborative energy is strong here – many neighbours come together to create art in company.

The triplet of Hunter’s Law is one of these collaboratives, forming an indie electronica band, focused on patient and emotional music, filled with moody dance cut productions, that further blend the electronic sound with the classic band vibe, while opening new doors to how stories are told with music.

Their debut EP released on the stellar Oleeva Records, a record label located in the nearby city of Bath. The Bristol inspired title “Harbour Lights” includes two tense originals, carefully arranged to deliver a competent story with drive and a very balanced,emotional impact.

The trio consists of lead vocalist Sam, instrumentalist and co-producer Adi and main producer Chris Rowe, who are now taking their first own steps of actually leading a cast of local artists, with the newly established “Common Ground Recordings”, which sees its debut release in form of a Various Artist release named “Unexplored Regions”. We’ll see an interview with the trio in one of the forthcoming Trustcast’s coming from our co-founder trustless. Prior to the full album release, one of the included singles by Hunter’s Law was released last friday. It comes with the name “F.I.A.” and gives a very good first taste on what to expect of the full thing. The track is an ever-rising, almost cinematic production with synths, that slowly open up, while muffled percussion hits fill the low-end with a driving force. It’s able to keep the tension and really takes its time to develop the atmosphere, before introducing the soothing main lead vocal coming from Sam. The core arrangement feels carefully selected and minimalistic, though the modulation work on each sound fills the void and creates a more textured feel.

“F.I.A.” is out now on Bandcamp and also available to stream at Spotify. The debut release “Unexplored Regions” of Common Ground Recordings is set to be release in October.

Click here to buy : Hunter’s Law – F.I.A.  on  Bandcamp

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