NWS028: about : river – Silver Dusk

Nie Wieder Schlafen - About : River

NWS028: about : river – Silver Dusk

Artist: about : river
Title: Silver Dusk
Cat. No.: NWS028
Format: Digital Download
Release Date: 12 June 2020


Estonia, a country filled with countless sights of incredible nature. Inspiration is blooming out of every corner, waiting to be picked up by anyone, who dares to search for it. The Estonian producer about : river has embarked on this very journey and returned with a cinematic sound, filled with emotion, texture and fulfilling atmospheres, that create a broad and stimulating release. His originals are filled with live percussion, analogue synthesizers and authentic piano progressions, that are all well balanced, never feeling too much nor too little.

The strong, core melodic ideas have been shifted to the dancefloor and are re-interpretated by the likes of Volen Sentir and Canadian debutant Zoi. The incredibly talented duo of Volen Sentir retouched the marvellous “Silver Dusk” with a sharp & continuous groove, mixed with subtle vocal layers and smart elements, that further emphasise the beauty of the main lead. Zoi captures the ground layers of “Feather Rain and is able to extract a hypnotic and simultaneously organic atmosphere, that is inlaid in his silky smooth groove, never pushing it too far, but rather sustaining a constant atmosphere, that is both gentle and energetic.


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