NWS018: Vridian, Siddhant Jain, Kotu (UK), LADS – Fragments

NWS018: Vridian, Siddhant Jain, Kotu (UK), LADS – Fragments

Artist: Vridian, Siddhant Jain, Kotu (UK), LADS
Title: Fragments
Cat. No.: NWS018
Format: Digital Download
Release Date: 11st March 2019


“We continue to expand our international family to India, as we welcome Vridian and his Fragments EP. It includes a collaboration with compatriot Siddhant Jain and remixes by label-returning artists Kotu and LADS.

Main title track “Fragments” is a club-oriented production, that combines vivid synth leads with an impactful off-beat, that creates an hypnotic groove, that is supported by smartly processed percussions, that only fill the necessary space needed to push the track forward, while reserving an open space for the production to breath and unfold.

“Virtuous Pursuit” complements the release as an organic and subtle piece, that builds an atmosphere through vocal chants with sustaining reverbs and subtle synth pads, accompanied by harmonic bells.

Kotu further explores the dreamscapes from the original, while adding an energetic drumloop, further underlined by a pulsating bassline, creating a unique spin.

LADS play with an array of interesting FX procedures, while introducing a beafy bassline, that takes over the main lead, for a bold and intense club remix, that keeps tension high and never loses focus from the things it tries to achieve.”

Written by Vir RC and Siddhant Jain
Remixed by Tom Chambers, Will Spence, Gary Pilz and Lucas Buchta
Cover Art by Giulia Gallizzi
Mastered by Robert Trifunović
Artists and Repertoire by trustless


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