NWS010: PHCK, Bona Fide, El Mundo, Fulltone, Rauschhaus, Savvas, Death on the Balcony – Natu

NWS: PHCK - Natu
NWS010: PHCK, Bona Fide, El Mundo, Fulltone, Rauschhaus, Savvas, Death on the Balcony – Natu
Artist: PHCK, Bona Fide, El Mundo, Fulltone, Rauschhaus, Savvas, Death on the Balcony
Title: Natu
Cat. No.: NWS010
Format: Digital Download
Release Date: 27th April 2018

“Our very first EP „Energy Patterns” was a convincing first release, not least because of an amazing remix from our good friends over at PHCK. Since then, the guys have developed a massive new sound, included talented singer and instrumentalist Stefan Kling into the project and showed the world what they are capable of.
With highly praised releases on All Day I Dream, Connaisseur and Chapter 24, the guys return with quite the reputation. Naturally we collaborated on a highly ambitious project, which finally resulted in a massive 8 tracker EP, including a thrilling collaboration with Bona Fide and remixes from rising stars El Mundo, Fulltone, Rauschhaus, Savvas and Death On The Balcony.

With groove and mystery, main title track „Natu” opens up the release. PHCK’s beloved hang drum melodies return, melted together beautifully with Stefan Kling’s vocals. A warm and snappy bassline builds the bases on which layers of long drafting synths create a constant rise of tension, that is able to build through the 10+ minute running time.

We glide into „Cecilia” with a seemless hangdrum transition – The darker brother of „Natu” cuts the vocals, to tell a deeper story put together by synth modulations from PHCK’s beloved moog leads. Supporting violins and building atmospheres roll over pushing percussion arrangements, which lay the foundation for a more club oriented piece.

PHCK’s collaboration with New York based talent Bona Fide leads us into a smooth and dreamy finish with „Magnolia”. Emotive strings, moody field-recordings and supporting vocal elements form a broad and sanguine space. Tight percussions and a steady bassline pattern unify the soundscapes and bring all parts together for a warm, production, perfect for the upcoming summer.

El Mundo tackles „Natu” by further supporting the mysterious elements of the original, creating his own , broader atmospheres and layering interesting note sweeps, which drag the unnerving tension up till the end. Great use of reverb and a perfect sense for setting up a certain feeling, make El Mundo’s remix one of the crucial additions to this package.

With an outstanding run of releases, Fulltone continued to impress throughout the last months. His way on taking on his remix for „Cecilia” further supports this impression. He conciously decided against using main leads of the original and instead concentrated on its instruments, building his own vision around them. A unique hangdrum riff and classic elements of older house gems set the bases for a vibrating production. Switching between an enigmatic groove to a wonderful middle section, craving for a delightful energy, Fulltone’s remix leaves you with a feeling of wanting more.

A dark supporting bass, dramatic lead patterns and and a developing structure – Rauschhaus delivers a magnificent tone change for „Cecilia”. Emphasizing on the original’s strings and melodies, this remix glides through various melodic ideas, continuously building a unique story of it’s own, breathing through dynamic modulation and a gliding tension.

‚Magnolia’ received a respectful rework from Savvas, as he elevates the melodic structure and its emotional foundations with gentle care. A tightened groove and minimalistic sections slighty shift the overall vibe and bring fresh energy. A remix that drives close to the core elements of the original, while doing more than enough to deliver something new.

Veterans Death On The Balcony take us on a journey and romanticize their remix with some classic bassline structures and nostalgic pads, which take us back to the old days. Their smooth production puts huge emphasize on Stefan Kling’s vocals, while supporting them with a variety of interesting pads, creating an unique atmosphere when finally blending all together. A patient arrangement drops the groove in an unexpected and surprising way, further crafting a truly exciting production that lives through its soundscapes.”


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