NWS009 : Yarni, Hacker & Miethig, Kincaid – VOISKI

Yarni - Voiski
NWS009 : Yarni, Hacker & Miethig, Kincaid – VOISKI
Artist: Yarni
Title: Voiski
Cat. No. NWS009
Format: Digital Download
Release Date: 30th March 2018


“We jump into Year 2 of Nie Wieder Schlafen’s music, starting with one of the core artists of our Family. Sheffield’s own Benji Musk aka. Yarni has been a great addition to our roster since day one. He loves the family-minded focus of our community and is the first to give feedback on any subject. With heart and gentle care he has developed a true sound of his own, combining field-recordings, he collects while travelling through the world, with synthetic sounds he creates on his (almost) analog-only studio. His open-minded way of developing percussive productions is something re-freshing in the scene and truly pushes for innovation. His EP contains 5 productions, including 3 originals of his own and some creative re-imaginations from our friends of Hacker and Miethig and one of music’s most innovative artists, Kincaid.

„Aera” ist the best possible example for Yarni’s sound and production style. Warm bassline, organic percussions arranged beautfully within in a pool of intimate and soothing melodies creating a certain type of atmosphere, we appreciate so much about Yarni’s sound.

Main title track „Voiski” is able to shine a different light on the oh so known Arpeggiator-production. With a strong focus on warm and dynamic percussion arrangements and a clear synthetic arp lead, Yarni rather tries to clearly distinct both parts of the track, rather than melting both key elements together. The result is an interesting new sound, which brings a fresh look tot he oversaturated offer of arp-focused productions.

„Shuka” is the result of Yarni’s strength to explore new arrangements and grooves in interesting ways. Orientalic touches and fresh beat patterns suck you into this production right awa., The track keeps you interested with the inclusion of old school vocal FX and fitting ways of raising the tension throughout the running time.

Hacker and Miething turned Yarni’s main title track up-sided-own and into the realms of a dubby, yet progressive sound. While removing the melodic progression of the main lead and using it as a tense background pattern this remix creates a hypnotic state, that slowly sucks you in and won’t let go. Interesting synth leads are introduced gently and build up in a smooth way, never leaving the state of the incredible atmosphere, the boys were able to create.

Taking things even deeper, is one of the most creative artist we have in our family. Kincaid has been changing the game with creative and fresh music, especially when it comes to culturally influenced productions. As expected our friend was interested in putting Yarni’s creative production „Shuka” in a new light. His mysterious downbeat re-work tells a cinematic story, that delivers a dubby, big room sound full of new and dynamic percussive elements as they are, once again, put together in such a harmonic and dynamic way, it’s hard to tell if these grooves were put together digitally or organically.”

As always, please have fun with these tracks.

Originals Written by Benji Musk Harris
Cover-Art designed by Maximilian Hacker, Michael Miethig and Joe Arthur.
Mastered by Robert Trifunovi


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