NWS008 : Bremer, Nordfold, Sam Goku – Yano

Nie Wieder Schlafen - Yano
NWS008 : Bremer, Nordfold, Sam Goku – Yano
Artist: Bremer, Nordfold, Sam Goku
Title: Yano
Cat. No. NWS008
Format: Digital Download
Release Date: 5th March 2017

“Bremer was one of our most beloved discoveries of 2017. We didn’t hesitate to get in contact with the young man, who would soon join our family. Now, one year later we have a collaboration between him and rising talent Nordfold for one of our sleakest releases, we have put out yet. Rounding up the EP with near perfection, is a remix coming from our very own Sam Goku.

Main titel track „Yano” builds a fancy dance arrangement around an incredible vocal sample from 1976 sung by Akiko ‚Yano’. An Uplifting synth lead, organic percussion patterns and Yano’s vocals create an asian touched atmosphere, that stands out in an era of uncountable music productions.

With nostalgic, rolling basslines and iconic vocal pads from the 80’s, „Helmer” embodies the sound of retro. As big lovers of Drive and new synth-wave generation, this production is truly an affair of the heart for us. A fantastic B-Side rounding up the theme of fusing old and new elements in the best way possible.

With finesse and gentle care, Sam Goku returns on Nie Wieder Schlafen with his second remix and yet again, it has the potential to fascinate the masses, while maintaining an incredibly humble underground sound. Inspired by the Original, Sam Goku extends on what was there, rather than drastically changing it. A light-hearted piano melody and Goku’s characteristic pads elevate the original’s core elements to an even dreamier state, while maintaining the fantastic groove and adding beefier low-fequencies.”


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