NWS005 : ApM – Things Even Out

Artist: ApM
Title: Things Even Out
Label: Nie Wieder Schlafen
Cat. No. NWS005
Format: Digital Download
Release Date: 30th October 2017

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Armed with synths and a full blown drum set, Autopicnic Mazzive is a new project consisting of the Swedish duo Sebastian Bruhn and Edwin Walter. With their release on Society Music Recordings last year, we got to experience their unusual and unique sound. Their focus on drum progressions, which are always recorded live bring a certain ambience to their productions, that we haven’t heard before. Combined with a heavy use of reverbed and processed synths, their music results in a sweeping and blurry atmosphere, that is quiet hard to explain, but fascinating to listen to. A style, that is leaving the standard in the scene – brave enough to try out something different, something we always want to appreciate. One year later, we finally finished a lovely 6-tracker EP including 2 promising remixes of „The Meeter” by old suspect Himbrecht and one of our latest additions to the team, Berlin talent Ivorie.

After a chilling intro, follow storming synths and whipping drum arrangements, that bring an energetic vicinity throughout the over 9 minute running time. „Just Cookin” was their latest contribution to the release, naturally bringing together all the things that worked so well in their prior works.

As we love Re-imaginations of older tracks we also included ApM’s „Stajlen”, one of their first productions as a duo. Finalized, cleaned up and revisioned it is back in a beautiful form, with the great unusual and wavy lead synth, that delivers uplifting and subtle moods to enjoy in every environment.

Main title track „Things Even Out” goes back to a structured and clear formula, while retaining the dynamic structure of changing frequencies. The piercing and ever changing bassline conglomerates with harmonic xylophone patterns, wrapped in beautiful soundscapes and some more live drum recordings.

Represented in 3 different versions on the EP comes ApM’s „The Meeter”. Deviating atmospheric elements melt together with dreamy piano and synths melodies , creating an experimental feeling epic, which transmits a different kind of tension.

Berlins own Ivorie, lowers the fidelity of “The Meeter” and chops up key elements of the original to re-imagine it in a mysterious fashion, touched with vague vocal allusions and exceptional percussion elements.

Himbrecht’s remix turns it to a straight forward and club-ready crispness with a special focus on a pumping groove arrangement and a perfected ethereal synth, that booth compete for the main lead, thus adding a different kind of dynamic to it. Big detail works and a revamp of all kinds of percussive elements and other additions overflow the original sounds, which end up as almost forgotten echoes throughout the mix. As you know, we want you to please have fun with the music.

Remixes by Mihnea Berechet, Siamend Darwesh
Cover-Art designed by Giulia Gallizzi.
Mastered by Robert Trifunovic.


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