Nie Wieder Schlafen’s ‘SPOTLIGHT’ feat. LADS

Nie Wieder Schlafen - LADS


Since the start of “Nie Wieder Schlafen” all of us have been huge fans of Luc Angenehm, who convinced us with unique & organic sounds, that would remind you of Stimming in a way. After a little break in 2016, he is back and created a new project with a talented producer called “Deep Suite”, who is based in South Africa. The guys formed “LADS”, their new project, which not only combines their Initials, but also turns their unique sounds into one. They recently released their first track under this new alias as a FREE DOWNLOAD and are hungry for more :



Q : Hey guys! A new Beginning for both of you – We are glad to join you on the trip! How are you both feeling right now?

“Hey! Thank you for having us. We are both ecstatic and super excited to embark on this brand new journey. We’re super inspired and ready to put out some brand new music as LADS!”
Q : We are looking forward to that, aswell! With this new project, we wonder where it all started and how you guys got in contact with each other for the first time?
“We got into contact via Facebook. We kept each other in the loop with new projects and traded ideas for months before eventually deciding to form a duo. 
We released a track together in 2016 titled “Abgehn” on Traum Schallplatten as Luc Angenehm and Deep Suite. ” 
Q : Right, we remember that track! So when did the idea occur, to leave behind your solo-projects & join forces?
“After much communication and listening to each other’s work, we decided to form LADS during the middle of 2016. We’d been messing around 
with name ideas for the duo, logos and tracks for months before eventually deciding on the name, logo and way forward. We each have our own unique strengths and our styles compliment each other nicely.
This combined with the same vision – it simply made sense to form a duo.”
Q : Both of you certainly have charismatic styles in your productions! What are the most beloved features in your DAW (plug-ins, effects, instruments) or on your analog equipment?
“We both use Ableton Live for productions. As we love to record and freestyle performances and love automation, Ableton does the job really well. We are passionate about organic elements in tracks and so a lot of our percussion is recorded live (shakers, snares, rides etc). Plugin wise, U-he Diva, Rob Papen’s plugins and Native Instruments stuff is used a lot. We’ve recently added a Korg Minilogue to our setup and hope to collect some more analog gear soon.” 
Q : The gear will always offer new ways to start a new production. How do you guys approach a new project? Who starts first? Do you guys feel like you already developed a rhythm between you two?
“Most of the time, one of us will start a project and then send it to the other to work on, depending on who has the inspiration at a certain time. There’s no certain way to which we approach a new project. We might record an hour of ideas on the minilogue and extract the parts we want to use. Or we might build a drum groove and build around that. It’s always different.  We have a good workflow and talk via Skype and video call quite often when finalising projects. We each add our own strengths and ideas to every track and we’re honest with each other when we don’t like something about an idea. ” 

Q : Very interesting – so when you’ve decided how to start a new project, what takes the most time in your production cycles? What are the most challenging things?

“Definitely mix downs. We’re both perfectionists so mix downs can never be good enough. ;)”
Q : Quite true! So what inspires you perfectionists? What influences surround you & create ideas in your head?
“Well, we’re both lovers of electronic music. The craziness and creativity of it all is a big inspiration. We take a lot of inspiration from environmental sounds and
textures and they can be heard in our music. We like abstract art and ideas in all of it’s forms. Anything that challenges the norm and is left field is inspiration for us.”
Q : Any artists, maybe even newcomers, you guys admire right now? 
“Viken Arman, Himbrecht, Stimming,… there are really too many to name.”
Q : We want your guys’ favorite 5 tracks released this year (in no particular order)?
1. Viken Arman – Life
2. Andrea Ljekaj – Traffic Lights
3. Ashka – Hierarki
4. Kora – Vayu
5. LADS – She (forthcoming)
Thank you Luc & Gary! We can’t wait to for the future projects we have with you! Much love. 
Hope you guys enjoyed the read – Now enjoy your WEEKEND!

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