NWS002: Himbrecht, Astrea, Sam Goku, Quatri (FR) – Anything Else

NWS002: Himbrecht, Astrea, Sam Goku, Quatri (FR) – Anything Else

Artist: Himbrecht, Astrea, Sam Goku, Quatri (FR)
Title: Anything Else
Cat. No. NWS002
Format: Digital Download
Release Date: 24th May 2017

“After our incredibly successfull debut release, we try to move to different sounds and a vastly different style coming from romanian newcomer Himbrecht. We discover the charm of LO-FI sound and a punchyness, different from that of our first release while keeping a different and interesting atmosphere and changing it up with stunning re-imaginations by our remixers Astrea, Sam Goku and Quatri.

„Anything Else”, the title track of Himbrecht’s EP and a production we have already tried out in public for quite a while now, is finally out. While the main focus idea remained the same through the months, polishing the Original Mix went through a lot of cycles. These told the story of the title itself, questioning if „anything else” should be added, changed or removed…but in the end, simplicity is key for most music, so the track itself stayed true to what worked in its core production. With rather suprising vocals and an unconventional piano chord, the track was already able to draw the interest of many…Himbrecht’s originals have a kind of unusual sound, a weirdness we adored and really couldn’t quite describe. Though what we knew – was that it neededto be heard.

Next to the strong main title sits Himbrecht’s „Down There”. A track with an old school vibe, using a noisy synth, that has such a charismatic sound, creating an unique atmosphere around it, which is complemented with a lovely bassline, that leads the track through it’s runtime, accompanied with punchy, straight forward percussion use, that has quite the charm in this special environment. A true underground sound that might not touch everyone right away, but we certainly hope it does it for you.

While we don’t have the experience yet, to make a statement like this already, we do think, that this EP has went through a lot of development-stages…so many in fact, it might take the crown in that particular type of topic for quite some time. Because it wasn’t only the Original that took a lot of time to finish…the remixes as well, went through a lot of different sounds and directions, till we finally found the right versions we all felt happy with:

The incredible talent that is Astrea, is one of these artists with a complex creative process and the ability to take music in mutiple different directions…watching him work and seeing his tracks evolve, always fascinated us :
The routes his remix took, were all excellent in it’s own, but in the end combining all those versions brought a final result to the paper. The remix ranges from a wobbling, british sounding vibe to a beautiful, classical but modern piece, that drizzles emotion out of every sound. Beautifully arranged layers, that harmony together, while on it’s own create a totally different atmosphere, is something truly special… if done correctly. And the way Astrea managed to make it work, is something you can only respect.

Sam Goku’s Remix seemed finished in less than a week. He produced a first draft within days, though when the time before the release got shorter and shorter – the urge to re-work the remix made him ditch all his prior work and start a remix, that would soon become rather magical. At some point, he hit a creative wall within the breaks of the remix, which would soon be filled from someone else. Our new talent Quatri offered his help to add the missing parts for the remix – a pan flute melody, that filled the gap, solving the last riddles in Goku’s stunning remix. To witness the moment, when these young artists completed each others creative work has been a magical experience, so we truly hope you can take some of that magic with you, when listening to the remix. The track leaves the clear and straight LO- FI sound and brings organic and detailed atmospheric pieces into the game, turning the Original upside down, creating a jungle-production with a tense break, leading up to one of the most beautiful climaxes we ever had the chance to listen to…something ultimately giving sense to the ‘God Of Nature’ Remix title.”

Originals composed by Himbrecht
Remixes by Astrea, Sam Goku and Quatri.
Mastering by Roby Deep.
Cover-Art designed by Giulia Gallizzi.


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