SPOTLIGHT : Yarni – ‘Entkommen’ LP

Nie Wieder Schlafen - Yarni - Entkommen

Artist: Yarni
Title: Entkommen LP
Label: Night Noise
Format: Digital Download & CD Release
Release Date: 15th May 2017


When a club-oriented EP doesn’t feel like the right place to deliever music you just ‘feel’ like doing, the idea to make an album does seem to make sense, the more you think about it. Sheffield’s own, Benji Musk aka. Yarni is someone with an extraordinary sound. He’s been delivering quality club music for labels like Redlight Music, Kikirir Records, Audaz Music and now also Night Noise.

‘Entkommen’ is the debut album of Yarni, a project that has been under construction for years now and is finally making its official way out there on May 15th. The LP consisting out of 11 tracks ranges from oriental to funky, deep house to tribal tech, exploring retro synths & percussion oriented grooves – there’s a lot to find here…,but it’s the well arranged fieldrecordings Yarni was able to collect through the months, that bring the already charismatic sound to life. The recordings, are placed so well in the music that they add a lot to the experience, while not being too obvious at all. While some people are rather trying to show-off the self-recorded material – Yarni is able to see them as just another tool to implement in his works.

The Sheffield artist and also family-member of Nie Wieder Schlafen had the time to answer some of the questions, we generally wanted to know about this ambitious project :

Q :  What was the reason for you to start such an ambitious project so early into your career?
I decided to write ‘Entkommen’ as I was starting to become disillusioned by having to write EPs strictly aimed for nightclubs. I have a broad taste in music with much of it away from the dancefloor, so it felt right to showcase these influences and an LP provides me with the perfect platform to do so.
Q :   Do the images for the album have any specific meaning to you?
 “The images that accompany the album were shot by acclaimed photographer Alan Silvester. I gave him the general concept for the album – exploring my interests in the juxtaposition between the natural and the man-made – and a couple of weeks later he returned with a set of amazing photographs. I feel they are a perfect visual representation.
Q :   Did you have an idea in mind of what the album would be like prior to writing it?
I was experimenting with a new method for writing music where I recorded natural environments like rivers, trees and so on, and blended these noises with man-made instruments like analogue synthesisers. This approach formed the foundations for the LP and from then it was just a matter of finishing it all off.
Q :   From when you set about writing up until the current day what do you feel you have learnt from the album?
I’ve learnt a lot about writing music and also about my career within the music world. Writing the album was great as I felt I’d removed the shackles and chains holding me back, which gave me great freedom to write music for me, with no external influence or expectations! Getting this record out to the world has proved very difficult because I’m at the beginning of my career and I’m pretty much unknown, but this difficulty has been a great lesson and it’s given me more determination to break the rules.
Q :   There seems to be a certain coherence to the album, do you feel you have found your own style as a producer?
This album definitely represents a development in my own sound design and songwriting. Funnily enough ‘Entkommen’ is 18 months old now, so I feel I’ve developed my skills even further since I wrote it!
Q :   Are there any particular tracks that mean more to you and if so why?
‘My Valentine’ means a lot to me as I wrote it after I went to a jazz evening with nan Gloria. Unfortunately she passed away last year but it reminds me of the good times we spent together and makes me smile with each listen. ‘It Takes Time’ was great fun to record as it features me and my girlfriend singing rather badly, but it adds to the vibe!


The “Entkommen” LP from Yarni, will be released on the Night Noise label, May 15th! It will be available digitally or as a CD!

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