NWS001: Modulo – Energy Patterns EP

Artist: Modulo
Title: Energy Patterns EP
Label: Nie Wieder Schlafen
Cat. No. NWS001
Format: Digital Download & Vinyl Release
Release Date: 17th March 2017

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Get it for Free (Pay what you want) : https://niewiederschlafen.bandcamp.com/

A dream has become reality. We open up our own label and kick it off with an album sized EP called „Energy Patterns”.
Belgium newcomer Modulo created 4 Originals building upon each other, discovering various genres and atmospheres within their electronic roots.

“Mountain People” is the ultimate introduction to this new born label, a trip to the calmer locations of the world – a place of peaceful harmony and soothing sounds of slow-paced vibes.

“Energy Patterns” continues the trip with a more dreamy approach including off-beat percussions and a strong bassline, that creates a truly unique main title track, which forms itself to a 4-to-the-floor production, getting you ready for the things to come.

“Chasing Shadows” originated in a seducing guitar progression, that guides you through the production of a groovy, oriental-touched house track with uplifting pads and a forward pushing kick.

Last but very certainly not least, comes “Awake Dream” the final original of Modulo, that shows the stunning variety of this talent and his capability for a more ethereal approach to his productions. The structure of this track is arranged so beautifully, that it makes it hard to do anything else other than listening in closely – one of the reasons this one has received a lot of praise from artists and music lovers, respectively.

For a special first release like this one, the need to find appropriate remixers was out of the question and essential to the whole package. That’s where our community of loving and caring artists came in and delivered remixes, that really brought in vastly different visions for Modulo’s core ideas.

Starting with PHCK’s long awaited remix of Modulo’s “Awake Dream”, which has been supported by great names for quite a while now.

PHCK took everything that worked so well in the original, added some wild subs and clubby percussions to really push the track forward in a danceable environment.

With Kotu’s Re-Interpretation of “Chasing Shadows, to” we dive deep into the realms of mother nature. Their Vision doesn’t just build on the original but transforms into a vastly different version, which explores the musical aspect of natural organisms and the true beauty that comes along with it. The perfect use of fading vocals and harmonic percussions is absolutely staggering and inspirational – the duo have slowly developed a true, natural and organic sound of their own and it really shows right here.

Theodor, on the other hand, was a little more inspired by the guitar lead and build really groovy layers around the original idea, that brings it up 2 notches. We discovered Mr Theodor this year and he has been an absolute inspiration for all of us. He grew to one of our best findings in 2016 and now here we are. We really couldn’t be happier to have this master on our first release and him delivering such a groovy remix, is just the cherry on the cake.

Finally, the most important remix for us comes from our homegrown Felix Wittich, who joined this family as one of the first producing artists at the time and delivered something truly outstanding. His interpretation takes core melodic progression of the originals main lead and builds upon it in a way only he could achieve – Staggering synths and melodic breaks embody Felix’s style, which is suitable fort the club and at home. We feel incredibly happy about his participation in this first release, as he was one of the first to inspire us opening all this.

Please go have some fun with this 8-track EP, we certainly wish you will!


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